Sunday, November 7, 2010

Simply Thankful

These are the two cards that I made this evening. I started with leftover pieces of card stock that I just folded in half to make a card. They ended up being 5 1/2" x 5". My last card had several mats but these two are very simple and only the second one has a Cricut cut.

Card #1

This card used a piece of patterned paper from a 6 x 6 pack of dollar store paper. The purple strip was a leftover scrap. The 3 little purple flowers are felt and I cut them off of some ribbon that I found in the $1 bin at Michael's. I put some pale green gems at their centres and used the same colour but smaller gem on the four corners of the purple strip. They were from Studio18 in a pack of 50 of varying sizes for $1. The sentiment is a wooden stamp that I got in a small set from the dollar store and I used Pamass pigment ink which is also from a dollar store. It is not the best quality ink but I picked up a few colours to practice with before I spend money on better quality stuff.

Card #2

This card started with a piece of burgundy brown CM card stock and I layered a piece of printed paper on it that had come out of one of my Dollar Giant 6 x 6 paper pads. These little pads have been great and so cheap!. The ribbon is from Dashes, Dots, and Checks. The bright pink and green papers were in a pack of card stock that I picked up at Michaels. I used a frame cut with my Expression and it is from the cartridge Graphically Speaking, and I added a couple of pale purple pearls. Again, the sentiment is a wooden stamp and the ink is Pamass.

The inside of this paper has the other part of the ribbon, so I added a strip of the patterned paper underneath of it, just to finish it and tie it into the front. The area for writing on is the negative cuts that were leftover from the frame. I thought this was a smart and creative way to use them up as the card itself is too dark of a colour to write on!

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