Monday, November 22, 2010

First Christmas Tags!

Yeah, I have officially started Christmas things! We had our first Christmas supper at our house on Sunday so I was forced to put up some Christmas decorations! I also put on the Christmas carols, so now I'm kind of in the mood to start cards.

Today I had to wrap our nieces Christmas gifts so that my hubby could take them as he returns to the Arctic to work. He and his brother manage to be on site for a week overlap this time so presents will be exchanged. So much better than mailing them! I decided to make gift tags for the girls' presents and a card for my brother and sister-in-law. I remembered to take pics of the tags, but totally forgot to take a picture of the card before I sealed the envelope...duh! Oh well, here are the tags. I think they are very cute!

I used a mini cartridge for these tags called Very Merry Tags. They are simple layered cuts. I chose to use some new paper that I bought specifically for doing Christmas cards this year. It's called Gemstones and is from the Recollections papers at Michael's. There are 5 colours in my pack, red, ivory, dark green, navy blue and black and they all have a bit of sparkle on the one side and the dark colours are black on the opposite side. The picture just doesn't do them justice. This paper was really sturdy and yet easy to cut. I used a pressure of 4 and a speed of 3.

The tag cartridge is easy to use as the layer is just above it's corresponding base on the keys. I made the base and the layer and glued them together using my Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive since it has a very fine tip for those thin lines. These pieces were all cut at 3" and I think that is a perfect size for the tags. Lots of room on the back to write.

Once I put them together, I added a little bit of glittery string to them and attached them to the parcels. I hope they like their tags. They are sturdy enough that they could be hung on the tree afterwards!


  1. Very cute! Now I can't wait to get my Cricut! What adhesive do you like best for attaching those small pieces??

  2. Thanks, Shanna. I use Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive because it has a precision tip, but it does dry QUICK and you don't want to use too much! Also, it helps to use tweezers to hold the piece while applying the glue. I (heart) my Tweezerbees.