Monday, July 26, 2010

Home again.

I have been gone for most of this month. The girls and I were busy the first week getting things organized as they were going to be visiting their mom while their dad and I went to Las Vegas! It was a crazy 8 day holiday in 50 plus heat (Celsius) and I've lots of pictures to print out and scrap. My friend got married while there and she was a beautiful bride. I have also purchased the girls their first scrapbook albums so that they can scrapbook pictures from their trip to the zoo with their mom, stepdad and stepbrother. They are excited to be starting their own books. So I should have lots to post starting this week!

In other exciting news, my daughter FINALLY gave birth last night to a healthy 8 lb 3 0z boy named Kale Preston. I can't wait to see him. Hopefully, I'll have time in the next few weeks to make the 11 hr drive there. This week is already booked up with helping my son and his friends move into new digs. Yeh for packing!

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