Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day.

I wanted to make a Father's Day card for my new hubby. My own father passed away one year ago in May. This is the kind of card I probably would have made for him if I had been making cards back then. It is A2 size and the printed paper was from one of my little $1.25 Make It Special pads from Dollaramma. These little pads of printed paper are great for card making as there is very little waste and there are some gorgeous prints. I used my CM corner rounder on the card and the paper. I used flocking from studio g on top of my Scotch quick dry adhesive to make it look like a ribbon. I only went in a bit further than the oval shape. The oval piece was a left over piece from some other project. I inked it with 3 different colours of Color Box Cat's Eye chalks. I inked the edges of the card, also. I also attached a little metal embellishment that I think I had picked up at the dollar store. I don't have any sentiment stamps yet, so it's hand printed which isn't perfect, but it's me!

In the inside of the card I put a piece of off white paper that I rounded the edges on. I used a little scrap of the print paper to make rounded corners like photo corners to give it a nice finish. I also inked the edges.


  1. I hate you for having a $ store. Nice card, very brown. I thought about making one for Kurt from the kids but he isn't a "card" type of person lol.

  2. lol...yes, it is very "brown". I have many $ stores, dear. You'll have to come visit sometime and we can do a "tour". My favourite one for scrapping embellishments is the Dollar Giant.

  3. If by sometime you mean in 3 years when the youngest of the kids will be old enough to entertain his/her self in a vehicle for that long than OK!