Monday, May 16, 2011

Still no camera, but I did win something!

I can't believe that I still don't have a camera to replace the one that I got wet in Belize this winter! This is very frustrating as I have done several projects that I want to post, including a mini album with a "dance" theme. I guess I'd better check and see if I have enough Air Miles to get a simple camera and add the camera that I want to my Christmas wish list!

On a more exciting and upbeat note, I was excited to learn that I had actually won something on Joy and Melanie's Everyday Cricut blog. It is a Tipsy Stylus. I was several weeks behind in my emails and so late in responding, but Joy, being the kind soul that she is has indicated that she'll still mail it to me! Yeah, me!

I hope everyone is having a great week. The sun is finally shining, but my friends in Manitoba are battling with flooding and the possibility of losing homes and cabins. It is a tough time for a lot of people in Canada. Not only is there major flooding in several areas, but fires have wreaked havoc on another town and 7000 people have been displaced with many homes and businesses lost. Thoughts and prayers are with all those involved.


  1. Hello, I saw your comment on Courtney Lane Designs blog about using the Cricut with fabric. Yes you do have to put a backing on, use one of the iron on products, Paper Backed Fusible Web". It works Great! I'm also following your blog as I have been creating scrapbook layouts and cards with my cricut for about 10 months now.


  2. Thanks for the input Kat. I'm afraid I've been slacking on my blog posting and with summer holidays, I didn't read your comment until now!